Frequently Asked Questions


What if I need to speak with local law enforcement? 

You can call the Oakes Police Department at 701.742.2172 or the Police Chief at 701.210.2758.  For any emergency situation please call 911.  More Information on the police department can be found here


How do I get my property lines marked? 

You can call City Hall and request to have property lines marked.  The Public Works Department will place a flag at each corner of your property.  Please keep in mind, these are estimates and not an official survey. 


How do I license my pet?

Please see Animal Control section here


Do I need a building permit?

Please see Building Permit section here


What day is recycling?

Recycling is typically the 3rd Tuesday of each month.  Recycling Calendar and more information can be found here


What are the hours for the Waste Disposal Site?

Summer hours are Tuesday and Thursday from 3pm-7pm and Saturday from 10am-1pm.

Winter hours are the 1st and 3rd Saturday from 10am-4pm.

More information can be found here


What are the current city utility rates?

Current Rates and additional information can be found here


Where do I pay my property taxes?

Property tax bills are mailed in December from Dickey County.  Taxes can be paid to Dickey County Treasurer at the Dickey County Courthouse.  Contact information for Dickey County offices can be found at their website.  More information about your property taxes can be found here


When does Drivers License come to Oakes?

ND Drivers License is at the Oakes Community Center the 2nd Wednesday of each month, from 10am-12pm and 1pm-3pm.

For more information visit ND Department of Transportation-Drivers License.


Where do I register my vehicle?

Motor Vehicle registration can be completed in Ellendale:

Radermacher Law Firm
216 Main St.
Ellendale, ND

For more information visit ND Department of Transportation-Vehicle. 


Where is the nearest Post Office?

The Post Office is located at 611 Main Avenue.  

Hours are 8am-10:30am and 12pm-4pm, Monday thru Friday.  Saturday, 8am-9am.

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UPS drop off is located at Visto's Carquest, 1009 South 7th Street.

No Fed Ex drop off location in Oakes.