Oakes Bowling Association

Men's Bowling League

Group at Bowling Association    Men's Bowling Hall of Fame 2006

The Men's Bowling League begins the 1st Monday after Labor Day and operates until mid-April each year. The Men's League consists of 8 local Men's teams. An awards banquet is held the later part of April or the first part of May each year.

Women's Bowling League 


The Oakes Women's Bowling Association provides an opportunity for women's league teams, tournament bowling and comical theme bowling nights throughout the season.  Women's Bowling League is from October to April with an awards banquet held in May of each year. 



League Bowling starts at 7:30 PM

  • Sunday - Mixed Doubles
  • Monday - Men's League
  • Tuesday - Men's League
  • Wednesday - Women's League
  • Thursday -
  • Friday - Cosmic Bowling
  • Saturday - Special Event Bowling



Oakes Bowling Lanes
Proprietors Bruce & Michelle Pulfrey
410 Main Avenue
Oakes, ND 58474


Phone: 701.742.3440