A Little Bit About Oakes

Oakes is the hub of southeastern North Dakota. It's a great community to live in, raise a family, and work. Primarily agricultural, Oakes still boasts a large industrial sector, as well as a progressive main street.

If you're looking for a community that's truly a "community", Oakes is the right place for you. With recreational activities for all ages, festivals, and a night life; you'll be sure to find something to do.

Oakes is a safe community you can raise your family. Oakes has excellent K-12 school system, a progressive preschool program, various youth groups and community church organizations.

Oakes is a farm and ranch community with many acres of corn and soybeans produced each year. Oakes is proud to have not one but two 110 car elevator facilities An expanding industrial sector along with a business sector offering competitive prices with a wide variety of items to suit your needs makes Oakes a vital progressive community. Our medical facilities are like none other in rural North Dakota with a well-established clinic and hospital facility.

Oakes is a town on the move. If you're looking to relocate, look no further. Give us a call today 701.742.3508.

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