2024 Street Project Updates

Project Map

MAY 28, 2024: 
Construction has started on Fir Avenue. This first crew will be doing curb and gutter, driveway and valley gutter areas (mostly the areas in red on the map). They will continue working South from Fir Avenue, timing is hard to pinpoint as it will depend on how much work can be done each day. Some residents may have to park on the street temporarily if their driveway is impacted. The contractors have been going door to door to notify residents in the work area, if you have any questions or concerns you can ask them directly or call City Hall. If you have sprinklers in your yard near the curb it would be helpful if you could mark their locations to alert the contractors.  

UPDATE MAY 24, 2024:
You may have already seen construction workers around town, but the 2024 Street Project will officially begin on Tuesday May 28th. Once the contractor is in town and setup they will make their plan for timing and locations. As soon as we know this information we will pass it on.