Community Connection for August 17, 2023

Things to celebrate…

How amazing that in just a few quick weeks, the Chamber went from breaking ground on the new Main Street gathering space to now celebrating the completion of the paver pathways and patio! It’s absolutely amazing and we are so proud to have partnered with Rhett Miller on this aggressive Eagle Scout project! This project was always a bit lofty, but we will never regret having had hope. This community deserves a beautiful, inspiring space like this and it’s certainly been a team effort so far! Again, we want to extend a huge thank-you to Rhett (and his dad, Bob) for leading this initial part of the overall vision. We’d have nothing to celebrate without Philip Homan from Homan Design Group. His plan made it possible for us to share the dream with others in the community and get the initial funding needed to get to this point. We also owe a big note of gratitude to Jake Kelly with Dakota Improvement, Jeremy Sitzler, who spearheaded the volunteers from the Oakes PD and Fire Departments, and our Chamber Board for having this vision in the first place! We’ll continue to put a few things into place yet this year, but we expect the project to be fully completed in late spring/early summer of 2024. Stay tuned for more opportunities to engage and support this community-in-action project!

News to know…

One of the key pieces of Governor Burgum’s Main Street Initiative (MSI) is community awards! Anyone can nominate and it’s a great way to get more eyeballs on Oakes!


Below is the recent announcement of the opening of the nomination window:


The Governor's Main Street Awards recognize North Dakota communities that have demonstrated excellence in the principles of the Main Street Initiative. This year's awards are open to all communities, regardless of size or location. Nominations are due by Sept. 15, 2023. To be eligible, your community must have implemented at least one Main Street Initiative project in the past year. Winners will be announced at the 2023 Main Street ND Summit. Award categories are as follows:

  • Healthy, Vibrant Community

  • Smart, Efficient Infrastructure

  • 21st Century Workforce

  • Main Street Excellence

  • Economic Diversification

  • Future Leaders Empowerment

Go to to submit your nomination!

Ideas to spread…

Growth isn’t really an option if you want to be successful. In every endeavor, each of us will reach a limit to what we can accomplish based on what we already know. Stepping up the challenge of pursuing continual growth might sound kind of exhausting (and frankly, sometimes, it can be) but when the world around us continues to change, we really only have 2 choices: 1. Resist it all and get left behind or 2. Lean into it and adapt so our results keep pace with the rate of change we’re facing. This isn’t a matter of changing for the sake of change; it’s recognizing that the very water we’re swimming in is continuously changing and if we continue to only do the same things we’ve always done, we will start to see our results wane over time. In what ways can you work with changing times instead of fighting against them? We encourage you to stay open to what that looks like in your life, work, and in the great community of Oakes.

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