Animal & Vector Control

Domesticated Animals

Cats and dogs are not allowed to run loose off property unless under the care and control of their owners.  Pets must be on a leash or confined in the owner's premises. Please contact the Police Department 701.742.2172, to report.

It shall also be unlawful to keep or harbor any dog or cat that disturbs the peace by habitually howling, barking, whining, meowing or making other disagreeable noise. Anyone wishing to file a complaint must sign a written statement to be submitted to the City Attorney for review. 


Within city limits, all dogs and cats over 1 month of age must be licensed. Licenses are available for purchase (along with proof of Rabies Vaccination) at City Hall. Pet licenses do not expire and cost a lifetime fee of $15.00.

Animal Traps

Animal Traps are available for rent free of charge at City Hall. A $30.00 security deposit and a release form are required at time of rental. It will be the responsibility of the individual, using the Animal Trap, to release or destroy and dispose of any non-domesticated animals. The City of Oakes will not be responsible for removal or disposal of any non-domesticated animals. 

Mosquito Control

The City provides mosquito control through ground and aerial spraying each year. Ground spraying is usually conducted late at night. Larvicide briquettes are also placed in areas with standing water and areas that could potentially have standing water.