Business & Residential Incentives

Business Programs & Incentives

Oakes Enhancement, Inc. (OEI) and the City of Oakes offer a range of programs to help businesses cost-effectively locate and expand their operations within our community. These programs are designed to provide assistance in the form of tax incentives, business financing, infrastructure development, employee recruitment and training, and general assistance.

In addition, a network of economic development assistance organizations staffed by experienced professionals at the state and regional level are ready to utilize all available resources to confidentially develop a comprehensive incentive proposal that will enable a business to cost-effectively locate and operate its facility here.

Local Programs & Incentives

Property Tax Exemptions:  The City of Oakes offers different property tax exemptions for commercial use, more information can be found here.  

Renaissance Zone:  The City of Oakes has an established Renaissance Zone.  Property located in this area may qualify for different tax benefits on approved projects.  More information can be found here.  

BUMP-Business Upgrade & Maintenance Program:  Funded by OEI, this program provides grant assistance for businesses and business owners to make improvements to their business.  Projects include any improvements or repairs to enhance the business.  This includes but is not limited to necessary repairs, storefront upgrades, and other upgrades to the building mostly on the exterior and limited indoor upgrades.  Equipment purchases and operation assistance is not included.  

With approved applications, upon completion of the project along with submitted receipts/invoices, OEI will grant no more than 35% of the entire cost with a maximum project funding of $5,000.

To apply, complete the application and submit to City Hall.  
BUMP Application

Resource Funding Application:  OEI utilizes their funding to promote the City of Oakes and the surrounding area.  To apply, please review the application and contact any Board Member.

OEI - Funding Application_2018.pdf

Additional Resources:  

SCORE_Simple Steps Starting Business.pdf

(coming soon, Starting a Business guide)

Regional Programs & Incentives

Dickey County Job Development Authority:  Contact County Auditor for more information on available programs and incentives.  

Dickey County Courthouse
309 N. 2nd Street ⁄ P.O. Box 215
Ellendale, ND 58436


SCDRC-South Central Dakota Regional Council:  SCDRC administers loan programs to assist in gap financing to start or grow a business.  The programs are designed to provide accessible, flexible loans to strengthen, create, or assist businesses and job opportunities.  Business consulting is also offered.  For more information, call 701.952.8060.

State Programs & Incentives

Many programs are available through the ND Department of Commerce.  Please visit their website for more information.