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Sales Tax:

The City of Oakes has a 2.0% sales tax imposed on goods sold within the city limits. The revenue created from this tax is split between the City, Oakes Enhancement Inc, the Swimming Pool, and for Infrastructure Improvements.

The City´s share is available to different organizations and non-profit groups to request for different needs as a grant. Application for Sales Tax Requests must be submitted to City Hall for consideration prior to City Council Meetings. Applications are reviewed by the City Council and two readings must be completed to have final approval of request for funds. Applicants must be present during both readings.

Sales Tax Request Application

Lodging Tax:

The City of Oakes has a 2.0% tax imposed on the leasing or renting of hotel or motel rooms within the city limits. The revenue created from this tax is used to promote the City of Oakes.

Funding requests can be made to the City Council for tourism or promotional projects.  Applicants must present the request at a City Council meeting.  Request must contain a complete project budget.

Property Tax Exemptions:

Information and applications regarding possible Property Tax Exemptions can be found here or by contacting City Hall, 701.742.2137

Special Assessments:

Current special assessments certified to the property and on the tax statements:

  • 2009-2 Water and Sewer Improvement Assessment (City Wide)
  • 2013-1 Water and Sewer Improvement Assessment (City Wide)
  • 2015-1 Street Improvement Assessment (City Wide)

Delinquent utility accounts are also assessed each year to the property.

Property Values & Assessments:

Questions regarding property values and assessments can be answered by contacting the City Assessor Rod Rodningen 701.742.2137. Property values are determined each April by the City Board of Equalization but are subject to approval by Dickey County and the State Board of Equalization.  Additional information can be found here


City Auditor
Zasha Johnson

City Deputy Auditor
Nichole Nitschke

City Hall 701.742.2137
Fax: 742-9336
124 S 5th St.