Housing Report from Hometown Housing

Last year, with the support of Otter Tail Power Company and James Valley Grain, OEI contracted with Hometown Housing (HTH), an Iowa-based consulting group to support the housing needs in our community. The first step of this process was to engage our local employers and conduct local research to better help us understand the needs Oakes has related to housing. 

The housing report was delivered to OEI earlier this summer and you can click the link below to review it.

A housing subcommittee was formed to move this initiative forward and they recently met with the Hometown Housing project team to discuss the next steps for a pilot project in Oakes. With the rising interest rates and cost of materials, new builds are certainly challenging and HTH works exclusively in small towns so they are adept at navigating the challenges associated with housing in rural communities. 

Click HERE to review the report. 

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