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Oakes Rental Options

Courtside Apts: Brenda Hill 710-0132 or 710-0131

Oakes Fitness Apartments: Andrea Geffre 742-2475

Roney Apts: Phil & Heather Roney  742-2397

E & C Apts: Ernie Mathias 742-2120

Evergreen Townhomes: Mary Ann Nauman 742-4541

Hill’s Duplexes: Brenda Hill 710-0132 or 710-0131

LittleBird LLC: Jim Ptacek 742-3188

Fir Avenue Apartments - Brenda Hill 710-0132 or 710-0131

Oakwood Apartments: Prairie Homes Management – Fargo, ND

Orvilla Apts: Mike Kelly 742-2439

Parkside Apts: Brenda Hill 710-0132 or 710-0131

Royal Oaks Townhomes: Brenda Hill 710-0132 or 710-0131

Cointepoix Apts: Robert Cointepoix 742-3061 or 210-0127

ASA Property Management - Fargo ND, (S 2nd St) 701-235-3728

Reed Apartments – Lori Burley 701-680-2225 or 742-2867

Schempp Apts: LeRoy Schempp 742-3116

Visto 4 Plex: Gary Visto 783-4410

Sweets & Stories Rental: Heather Roney 742-2007

Dani Dahlstrom Duplex – 210-0104

Ernie or Carol Mathias:  701-210-2545, 701-710-0108, 701-742-2120

Other Rentals

Dave Ross Rental: Dave & Connie Ross (218) 630-5563

Burley Rental: Randy Burley 742-2731

Weise Trailer Court: Paul Roney 742-3428

Huebner Mobile Home Park: Paul Roney 742-3428

E & I Motel Trailers:  742-2151

Jack Loepp Estate Rentals:  Travis Engquist 742-2154

Brummund Rental – 742-2393

Deborah Knigge  701-710-0423

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