Sheyenne Valley Trail Association

Sheyenne Valley Trail Association

The Sheyenne Valley Trail Association is an association comprised of five clubs in southeastern North Dakota. The association's volunteer efforts have developed 420 miles of well-marked trails that are groomed regularly throughout the snow season December through March.

The system has a wide variety of riding such as nice flat ditches, shelterbelts, James River Valley, and the Sheyenne River bottom. These trails cross many private lands with access being gained by a lease through the landowner and Snowmobile North Dakota. The leases are an essential element to maintain the existing system.

The trails follow much of the beautiful Sheyenne River and James River with warming shelters along the way as well as stops in more than a dozen area communities:

  • Sno - Busters: Oakes, Verona & LaMoure:
  • Ransom County Drifters: Lisbon, Fort Ransom, Gwinner:
  • Marion Sno - Busters: Marion, Litchville, LaMoure
  • Jim River Drift Skippers: Jamestown
  • Sheyenne Sno-Drifters: Valley City, Sanborn & Rogers

Club Activities:

  • Monthly organized trail rides and benefit runs
  • Monthly meetings
  • Snowmobile safety courses
  • Christmas gatherings
  • Summer picnics
  • Scavenger hunts

Regional Activity: Rally in the Valleys

  • Held in January of each year since 2001

Trail Conditions/Information:




  • Jon Jury, Valley City: .701.845.1558
  • Todd Rasmusson, Lisbon: 701.683.4914
  • Jeff Seher, Jamestown: 701.252.8348
  • Dirck Nash, Oakes: 701.742.2898 or 701.742.2417

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