Street and Vector Control

Streets and Lights:

Street repairs and maintenance are conducted by the City Street Department. This includes patching, graveling and blading areas in town. Street signs and stop lights are also maintained by the City and are reviewed and ⁄ or serviced annually.

The street lights are maintained by Otter Tail Power Company. Otter Tail should be contacted for any concerns regarding replacement or repairs.  

701.252.0540 or Otter Tail Contact

MONTHLY RATE-street lights.pdf

Snow Removal:

In order to have snow removal completed in a timely and efficient matter, all vehicles must be removed from the streets and alleys after an accumulation of one inch or more of snowfall. Those vehicles not moved are subject to citation.

Mosquito Control:

The City provides mosquito control through ground and aerial spraying each year. Ground spraying is usually conducted late at night. Larvicide briquettes are also placed in areas with standing water and areas that could potentially have standing water.

MONTHLY RATE-mosquito spray.pdf

Equipment Rental:

Please contact City Supervisor for availability. 



City Supervisor Pat Nelson


City Shop 701.742.2910
105 S 2nd Street
City Hall 701.742.2137
124 S 5th Street